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I know, by far, I was not the best husband.  I made mistakes.  I also know that I more than made up for those mistakes many times over.  As much as I apologized for my misdeeds, I was never really forgiven.  Instead of being honest and upfront with me.  She out-and-out lied to me for … Continue reading

Frustrations with assumptions

Presume, assume, think, whatever you want to call it.  I get so sick and tired of people assuming they know what I think or how I feel just because we work/live together.  You know who I am talking about, those people, I work with one now, I lived with one before.  They are the one … Continue reading

When I'm Most Productive

w09p – Store clerk I am most productive when I am at work. At work I am constantly moving, or at least wanting to move. It drives me crazy to stand around doing nothing. I am always looking for something else to do, the next job. When I get home it is a different story. … Continue reading

A High School Class that Should be Mandatory

Lost I think a great course for high school students would be: Logic Vs Common Sense 101 I believe we cram plenty of book smarts down their throats. Fill their heads with all the lessons you want. If you don't give them any common sense to help them apply it, they'll still be like puppies … Continue reading

Coffee vs. Tea

To Make a Coffee Coffee VS Tea uhmm…….coffee definitely coffee, I am pretty sure coffee and I am pretty sure it is an addiction with me. Coffee that is an addiction. Although I can't drink it black, don't like my coffee black. I have to have my creamer, creamer for my coffee. It needs to … Continue reading

Boomers Mind Mines (Drive VS Passion)

I gotta tell ya to me these two things should generally go together.  If you have drive, you must have passion.  It really doesn’t seem possible to me, you would be able to have one and not the other.  I am sure most critics, and/or experts would agree.  What if the two are not on … Continue reading

Boomer’s Slapshot

Well, well, well, the Sharks finely won their series with the Red Wings.  I was beginning to wonder if the series was going to go the way of game five.  The Sharks had a 3-1 series advantage, a 3-1 goal advantage and the Red Wings stormed back to win the game 4-3.  It did not … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rants (stop the insecurities)

I believe it is time as a people, especially the men.  That we man up and stop with the phony presentation of ourselves.  The whole insecurity thing has to stop.   Do you need dyes to take the gray out?  What about wigs (sorry) toupees to hide your baldness?  Really, Really?  Are we that insecure … Continue reading

Boomer’s Mind Mines

Commonsense VS Logic What’s the difference? Do you think there is one, why or why not? I would love you to put your heart and souls into your answers. Please no dictionary versions. For instance: Commonsense tells me when, and Logic tells me how……or is it the other way around?

Boomer’s Rants (hope eternal)

I have always been one that has been able to prepare myself emotionally for the worst, yet hope for the best.  Basically I do this to protect my heart.  I am the only one I have, and it has been that way for quite some time.  Whereas I truly believe that there is someone special … Continue reading


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