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Boomer’s Rants (instructions?)

Boomer’s Rants (instructions?).

Boomer’s Rants (Failures)

I write these posts, mainly to get people thinking about themselves.  Get them to dig into there inner thoughts and feelings.  What is failure and how do we view it?  Failure is basically the inability to achieve a goal.   In the dictionary it says that failure is: omission of occurrence or performance; failing to … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rants (instructions?)

So, what is it about instructions that seem to scare the livin’  hell out of us?  or  Do we think we are just too good to read them.  Ok, so, you bought your child a tricycle for Christmas.  You pull the parts out of the box, and proceed to put it together.  Your wife asks … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rants (cry babies)

Where should I begin….. First of all I would like to say, that I am not now nor have I ever been, a cry baby.  When I was a kid I got my share of scrapes and bruises.  Some of the most memorable:  One time riding my bike around the neighborhood, I hit something that … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rants (The Outsider)

It is an awful feeling when it seems the only time you can grasp anyone’s attention is when you get angry.  As long as you stay passive and quiet you feel as if nobody notices you exist.  You may even feel as if the world is surrounded by a giant one way mirror.  You just … Continue reading

Boomer’s Slapshots

Being a hockey fan I have been keeping an eye on the Stanley Cup Finals.  So far the home team has won all three games.  If this keeps up and it is all home ice winners, Vancouver will win it in seven.  Which means that not only does Boston have to win the next game … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rants (My Life, My Support)

I have lived my life wanting, hoping, for nothing but the best for my family. Even though I had dreams and aspirations for them. I hope I never made them feel like they disappointed me when those dreams were not achieved. I do not feel like I ever tried to cram my ideas down their … Continue reading

My Favorite Cookie

Peanut butter cookie cupcakes decorated with mini chips I have to say my favorite type of cookie is peanut butter, especially the homemade, fresh from the oven kind. I love to get them even before they have time to cool. That's when they are the best, when you need two hands because they are falling … Continue reading


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