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Boomer’s Kitchen hints

I like to cook………..ummmmm……….. That is a bit of an understatement. I really enjoy cooking.  Sometimes I don’t put my whole heart and soul into it, but what the heck it is just me.  When I cook for family and/or friends I love to push it.  Wellllll most of the time anyway.  I do try … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rants (My Impatience)

There I sit hands on the wheel waiting for the light.  Fidgeting and fussing cussing under my breath.  Finally the light changes, the car in front of me takes its sweet time because the driver is on the phone.  That is supposed to be illegal now, by the way.  They start moving, I finally get … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rants (How not to)

Hello, it is my thinking anyone can write a book on how to do something.  From putting together a simple toy to constructing a log cabin.  I am going to write a book, probably a small one, about how not to get shafted by your ex.  You will note I did not say ex-wife.  I … Continue reading

How do you feel about public speaking?

How do you feel about public speaking?.

How do you feel about public speaking?

All through school public speaking scared the living hell out of me.  Then, while taking classes at the local community college for bookkeeping, I had to take a speaking class.  It was all about giving speeches.  I forget the teachers name (sorry teach), but all in all he did a pretty good job.  There seemed … Continue reading

Boomer’s rant (An Apology)

Lately here I have been letting my anger, and my disdain, for the way things have gone the last two years rule my emotions.  My frustration has gotten the better of me.  For this I must apologize to my children, my friend Deborah and any one else that may have felt (however directly or indirectly), … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rants (Doubts, Truths, Demons)

I am sure there are times when it may seem I doubt my situation and standing.  Truth is, I am sure of whom I wish to be with and where I stand with that person. Doubt and Truth I do not doubt my feelings for you. The truth is, I feel, you are my destiny … Continue reading

writer’s block

Here is a subject you can’t write about when you have it, yet you need to write about to get rid of it. Any way I came in here to write, but nothing was coming to mind. Then I thought to myself, “wait a minute that’s it, writer’s block, I will start writing about that … Continue reading

Boomer Rants (beware)

Last December I bought a pair of phones with At&t service. Because I bought the phones on line they were free. Providing I kept phone service for six months. The bill was a lot higher than AT&T quoted me it would be and eventually became too much for my monthly income. {When I called them … Continue reading


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