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Boomer’s Rants (workman’s pride)

I have to tell you I am not a whiner or a moaner. I am not one to cry if I am in pain, nor do I bitch about every little thing that does not go my way. That to me is all a part of life on the job. That is why they call … Continue reading

Boomer’s rants (Bases loaded)

Well we have finally hit the last game of the baseball season. I know…..a lot of you thought last night was the last game. Or……some of you don’t even really care. I am a fan it is hard for me to watch a whole game unless I am there enjoying the game in person. I … Continue reading

Living in Other Countries

Italy wins World Cup #5 I have given this much thought. Having seen pictures and movies of some of the cities there, I would love to live in Italy. I am also a lover of the food, although it varies from region to region, I think it would be fascinating to try it all.

Boomer’s Rants (boredom vs adventure)

I was having a conversation with my mom about foods, and doctors, what is healthy and what isn’t. ¬†We got to talking about eggs, and she stated, she asked her doctor about the conflicting stories she hears all the time. ¬†Please keep in mind, my mom is one of those types that believes every thing … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rambles (Tantalizing Tuesday)

I have decided that I can’t continue to be angry or frustrated with my life. I have to move on as best as I can, with what I am given to work with. Besides, a lot of people do not want to read about your frustrations and misgivings. People want to read about how you … Continue reading

Paper or Digital?

I prefer electronic devices. My handwriting is terrible. Which is funny considering I am trying to promote myself as a writer. It is much easier to read my poems and stories if I type them onto my computer and then print them off, or e-mail them out.

If I Had the World's Attention for Two Minutes

What I would like to say is, we as a whole, need to spend less time self destructing our planet with our greed and hatred and more time getting it right. Listen to the ancients more and heed what they had to say, or pretty soon our world as we know it will cease to … Continue reading

The News That Interests Me Most

Newspapers I am a sports fan so I usually go right to the sports page. Afterwards I go to the lifestyle section, and do the puzzles. Other than that I do not read very much of the rest of it. An article really has to catch my interest.

The Hotest Hot Versus the Coldest Cold

Summer time Since the question is what's worse, I believe extreme cold is worse. I am the type of person that would rather sweat than freeze. The argument from people that would rather put on layers to shake off the cold, as opposed to taking off layers to fight the heat is mute to me. … Continue reading

Publishing my poetry

I am looking into software that will help me create my own book. In the process I found a site called PublishAmerica. They say they pay you to publish your book and then they market it for you to help you make profit and recoup their costs. Has anyone heard of them and do you … Continue reading


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