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Boomer’s pride

Got together with my son today and he told me he wrote a poem. Being an aspiring writer myself it is good to see he is getting in touch with his artistic side. He text me a copy and I thought it was very good. proudly I beam!!! Advertisements

What’s worse, extremely cold weather or extremely hot weather?

I gotta tell ya, I prefer being  too hot to being too cold. I know the argument. If you are too cold you can layer up. If you get too hot there is only so much you can unlayer.  But still, I would rather sweat than freeze.

Boomer’s Rambles (Versus)

here we go with two more, will be chapters in my book Versus.   As I have stated before, I do have a better title for this, it just hasn’t come out of my head yet. The different chapters are as follows: Need VS Want Feeling Vs Emotion Common sense VS Logic Perception VS Conception … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rambles

Pride, health, sanity……….what more do we really need.  I want to know!! Materialism……what about that?……  I believe that is what drives most people nowadays.   Having to have what everyone else has.  That need to be looked upon as having and not wanting.  Who cares if you are healthy, you can be proud that you … Continue reading

I Wish I Were Fluent In…

I do a little studying of Spanish and Italian. However, at this particular time I cannot afford to take classes, therefore I am on my own. I also dabble a little with sign language.

In a Former Life

New York City I am not sure what type of person I was, but I feel it had something to do with being Italian or Sicilian. I also feel I was connected to New York city. When I see the place in movies and TV shows, I feel a sense of longing. It is as … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rants (short stories)

  A Gentlemen’s Tale This here’s a story about three distinguished gentlemen, Jim, Jack, and Johnny. Now, these three gentlemen come from very well bred families, that have all been in business together for years. Their fathers had developed one of the most distinguished firms this side of the Atlantic.  While this was all fine … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rants (Solitaire)

Here I reside in my solitary room Fighting off my solitary gloom Life seems to be one solitary charade. As I work out of my solitary muse I ignite the end of my solitary fuse To trip off to a solitary escapade. I will start out my solitary night Enjoying a delectably solitary bite At … Continue reading