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Boomer’s Kitchen (shrimp etiquette)

Recently I was browsing through some of the posts in here, when I happened upon one which had recipes in it. As I read them over I found two very good entrees. The first one is called Red Flannel Hash. Even though it seems a bit different that is the great thing about cooking is … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings

‘Twas the second day after Christmas, and all through my head, not a thought came a stirring, as if  my brain had gone dead. I stayed up half the night trying to right the wrongs in my story, I had better not give up, where there’s  no guts there’s no glory. At around a quarter … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rambles (The day After Christmas, a poem…sort of)

‘Twas the day after Christmas not a cloud in the sky, traveling along, blinded by the sun in my eye. I ran into Santa and his reindeerless sleigh, proceeding to shout “hey get the #$%# out of the way. I gain back my senses and what do I see, that cranky old elf flipping the … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings Christmas/Depression One Day a Year?

I know that we who blog do so to get what ever fodder is on our mind out into the light. Sometimes it is full of jumbled thoughts and other times intelligence kicks in and we actually look organized. Most of mine of course are the former. One of the things this format lets us … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings (titled untitled poem)

I guess it was about three posts ago I put in part of a poem I was writing. It was, as of that time untitled.  I think I have decided on a title. Although in this case if anyone has a  suggestion for a better title,  I will take it under advisement.   Life’s Dilemma … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings (prejudice? what the hells the matter with you?!?)

The other day I was leaving work (I work at a grocery store) and there was a group of  Latinas in front of me.  It looked like three generations, a grandma, a mom and two daughters. They were speaking in their native tongue. A form of Spanish. Yes I know that there are different variations … Continue reading

Boomer’s Kitchen

Boomer’s Smokin’ Hot Chili Before I begin I do want to note that this particular recipe did not come out as hot as some of my others, it did get good reviews from some of my best critics. I started with 2lbs of beef and 2lbs of pork, cubed I large chopped 2 each red … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings (untitled poem)

What’s done is done weather for keeps or for fun, ‘Tis now time for the light to grow dim. His fate is his fate, time will no longer wait, as it wraps it’s dark cloak around him. so…like I said this is as yet untitled, I also am thinking it is unfinished. I am thinking … Continue reading

Five Things I'm Good At

I am a good cook, now that does generalize things a bit. I like to cook Italian and Mexican cuisines. I also do well with soups and sauces which go well with all the wonderful meats I can cook. I am pretty good at writing, poetry and short stories. I am a great grandpa, I … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings (My writings)

 I have given it much thought and I think instead of trying to write a whole novel. I would create a book based on short stories. My main idea is to create a few short stories that are actually all connected some how. I have also thought that maybe I would base those stories on … Continue reading


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