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Boomer’s Ramblings (My Grudge Rhyme)

I carry a grudge and in my pocket it does stay every so often it wants to come out and play I try to keep it hidden keep it tucked away still it tends to rear its ugly head on a bad day when it does come out it has nothing nice to say it … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings (Legality VS. Morality)

The questions, to all of those who dare to venture in here and glance around or maybe even read this, are these: what is the difference, why is there a difference, and how should we change it? First of all let me state for the record that I have first hand knowledge that there is … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings (I finally took a bath)

Right off the top I am going to admit this is not what you think.  For years I was a rush rush rush type of person. Working seventy-two hours a week, going to work during the graveyard shift at one casino and then having to take a bus to downtown and working the day-shift at a second. … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings

I was thinking about a thought I had, and then I thought I should not think that way so, I thought to changing my thinking, I need to think of thoughts that make me smile. As I thought of something else I should be thinking my thoughts turned to the brighter side of my mind. a … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings Good Vs. Great

One of the books I am working on (not so diligently at this time however) is titled Versus.  Now I know that I have mentioned before how I have thought of a better title, however, it is not coming to me at this time. One of the chapters is Good Vs. Great. Now as I … Continue reading

If I Made a Living from Art

Painted landscapes I believe that writing is an art and I do write. Although my poetry is not well known yet I do hope that some day I am making a living with my writings. I also am dabbling in the art of short stories. As far as any other type of art. If I … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings (Limitations)

As Clint Eastwood once said in a movie…”A man’s got to know his limitations.”  On that note, in a conversation I had with a co-worker the other day, I came up with this little diddy……..“A man’s limitations are only limited by the limits in his mind.”  Let me explain the origin of this whole spiel. … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings (technology and writing)

I know there have been plenty times when I have made fun of people who let technology run their lives. You know the type, if technology was the same as it was ten years ago they would be lost.  There are times, however, then it really helps us out. especially those of us who like … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings (resolutions)

The original idea was to start this blog out with the ill-fated question.  Why do people make New Year’s resolutions, when they know full well they are not going to keep them? Thinking better of the whole thing I  simply decided to jump right into the subject. I know why, well I have my theories … Continue reading

Boomer’sRamblings (humor?)

just a few questions these are flying off the top of my head so bear with me 1. why does vitamin B taste the way it does? and.. am I crazy for deciding it is not soo bad after all? 2. is it just me or is there way more TV time spent on commercials … Continue reading


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