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Boomer’s Ramblings (Limitations)

As Clint Eastwood once said in a movie…”A man’s got to know his limitations.”  On that note, in a conversation I had with a co-worker the other day, I came up with this little diddy……..“A man’s limitations are only limited by the limits in his mind.”  Let me explain the origin of this whole spiel. My friend and I were talking about a certain co-worker whom had stated he couldn’t work any faster than he already was. The problem my friend and I have with that whole statement is that this kid (I call him a kid because he is in his twenties), doesn’t work fast at all. His only speed seems to be granny gear and to hear him state that, just made me laugh. To myself of course. I may not seem like it in here, but I almost care about my fellow workers feelings.

I feel I am going to have to go into detail here…………

I am fifty-one years old, and were as I feel I do a good job, I also feel it is the easiest job I have ever had as far as pressure and duties. I also do not feel I am god’s gift to work and cannot understand why others, especially the younger ones, can’t put forth the same effort.

The actions that started this whole conversation are do to my bosses boss coming in the other day and saying we need to make changes in the way we do things. In other words she wants us to do more with less. To explain this situation. I work for a grocery chain. My particular section is the deli. We have an in-store  manager, and then there is a regional manager. That is the bosses boss I was refering to earlier. Anyway…..

This really comes as no surprise a lot of companies have been doing this for some time. The system we work under was great when business was booming.  The particular store I work for is WinCo Foods and it is touted on the news every so often as the best bargain for groceries in the west. We currently have stores in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada and Utah.  That was just to establish the size of the chain.

Our North Reno locale is consistently one of the busiest stores WinCo has. We are usually in the top three is sales each week. Although we do better than most stores, maybe even all the other stores in our area. Business is still down and therefore changes are thought to be necessary.

Normally I am against downsizing, as it is not good for the economy, the workforce, and last but not least the people being downsized. However, in this case there are people at the store that don’t appear to want to be there. This is reflected in their work performance and their customer service. Customer service is the most important aspect of our job! With the new way of doing things in place some of these people will have to step it up or possibly find themselves in a different situation.

I am talking about people that when the bosses show up have a tendency to want to stand around with their hands in their pockets and talk. I was always taught when the bosses come around you grab a rag, a broom, or anything that at least gives the appearance that you are busy.

I am trying to paint a picture with my words here, so I am sorry if this seems to be running on.

Back to the original statement above. I do believe that we are only limited to the limitations we place on ourselves. If you do not have the drive to be better than you are, it should only be due to the fact that you are the best you can be already.

Although………if you believe the last statement is true……watch out for complacency!!!!!

This is Ray B0hdan the Ramblin’ Man coming to you from the perch You can also catch this conversation live on blogtalkradio/ramblinman.com Currently on Thursday mornings and 9:30



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