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Boomer’s Ramblings (The HAARP Program)

Notice/Disclaimer (I): First I would like to state for the record that  I never believed it was a good idea to mess with two entities, God or Mother nature. It looks like certain scientists have been doing both. As it usually is not a good idea to mix religion and science, the debates can get over-the-top ludicrous, but it too looks as if that’s a line that has been crossed. 

A friend of mine turned me on to this subject. He had posted a link on his Facebook page about a phenomenon that has occurred a few times now and in different parts of the world. I am referring to the sudden, massive deaths of birds, here in the U.S. The unexplained self-beaching of dolphins in the southern hemisphere. My friend mentioned a couple of other items related to these strange occurrences, unfortunately I cannot recall them at this time.

As we were discussing this phenomenon he had made mention of the HAARP program. HAARP stands for High frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is quite simply put, a way for the government to control the weather. It consists of 180 antennas linked together, in other words it is the worlds largest broadcasting station. However, instead of music this station is used to send radio waves into the atmosphere. Food for thought here, the average A.M. radio station tower has 50 Kg of power, this system has the equivalent of 72,000 radio stations. This is bigger than the one the Russians have built. (did I fail to mention that the Russians built the first one).

This invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the Earth’s atmosphere at strategic locations. It would be able to manipulate the ionosphere at a grander scale than the Russians. Apparently, according to the videos I have seen, (HAARP weather control could be part of NWO depopulation plan),  this particular type of control has been in use since the Vietnam war, however, the HAARP system was built in Gakona, Alaska in 1992-1994. It can be used to change the jet stream. You change the flow of the jet stream you change the weather. I quote the video and some of the people in it here. The jet stream flows 3-9 miles above the earth at speeds up to three hundred miles per hour. It is a focused high velocity rope of air that moves billions of gallons of water around our planet at about fifty to sixty thousand feet up it controls the rains and storms and is said to be the life blood of our earth. I stated before the Russians were the first, according to the afore-mentioned video, in 1976 there were all kinds of problems with radio and television waves, and massive blackouts around the world. It was discovered that there were radio signals being transmitted from a remote place inside the Soviet Union that were causing those signals. It is theorized that this went on until 1989, the last time it was detected. The reasoning not really known however it is believed that the drought we had that affected the west back then was caused by a diversion of the jet stream, a reversal if you will,causing it to weaken.

Notice/Disclaimer (II): There are five known ionospheric heaters in the world, it is believed though, that there may be as many as twenty. Were there is no reason to suspect that anyone is using them as warfare devices it is extremely possible.

The first question you may have is how is this possible. The HAARP system as well as the other systems use ELF (extremely low frequency) waves. These are the same type of waves you feel from your sub-woofer or at a concert, coming from the speakers. It was accidentally discovered, by Dr. Agnew in the spring of 1987, that these low frequency waves may be used to cause earthquakes. The particular video I was watching is from the History channel or History.com You may find it on Youtube (HAARP weapon_how to make an earthquake) it also talks about chemtrails. If you have ever noticed jets flying over head the trail they leave what is known as a contrail. The theory that HAARP is leaving these same type of trails is, known as chemtrails, they are in more of a pattern such as an X. Also they linger a lot longer than the ones jets leave. Back to the earthquakes, one of the videos I watched had a small part in which the Chilean President is blaming the USA’s weather manipulation for there last earthquake. Back in 2010 it was an 8.8 I do not recall how much damage or how many lives were lost, and he does not state that he thinks we did it on purpose.

There is a lot more to this subject that I can write. I do believe you owe it to yourselves to look into it. Just try it imagine that the government has the power to cause drought, which would lead to famine. It also can use this device carry out covert missions and simply blame it on Mother Nature. If you knew your enemy was set up on a major coastline using civilians as cover. All you would have to do is start a hurricane and wipe out a whole section of that coastline, civilians and all, and you could simply blame it on a freak storm.

I know this sounds like a lot of conspiracy theory type rhetoric. It is believed that all theories are based on at least fifty percent fact, and fifty percent speculation. Speculation means that people are actually thinking, and if you are thinking for yourselves, ignorance is not your friend. If you fight ignorance than you are not easily mislead by either the government, or me. I encourage you to view the videos for yourself. Oh back to the birds and dolphins it is believed that the manipulation of the atmosphere and it’s relation to the brainwaves of the creatures, is what caused these phenomenons.

Notice/Disclaimer(III): I am in no way trying to make you believe something you wish not to. I am simply trying to inform you of what is possibly/probably the reality of our world.  Also the reality of the very government on which we rely to keep us safe.

Real quick here, there is another video that talks about huge tablets in Georgia. They are called the governing stones of Georgia, They have writings on them that explain the ways needed to drop the worlds population from 6.2 billion(?) to 500,000,000. It says the writings which are in an older languages. Babylonian, Cuneiform, Ancient Hellenik, Egyptian Hyrogliphics and Sanskrit. It details the ten steps, “The guidestones to an age of reason.” 1. Maintain human population under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. 2.  Guiding reproduction wisely improving on fitness and diversity. There are eight more items most of which actually tell of a need for a universal language. Ruling the people with fairness and reason, and avoid petty laws and useless officials. So some of this I agree with. It states that the world should be united and that everybody should be given equal and fair justice and opportunities. But, how do they plan to shrivel the population by about 90%???

Does HAARP have something to do with that???



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