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Boomer’s muses “Ramblinman on blogtalkradio”

    I haven’t advertised it much because I needed to get used to doing it. I have an on-line radio show at blogtalkradio.com/ramblinman. I have been airing on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm PST. This week I want to discuss fears and phobias. The question of the show is what scares you the most/ What … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings “Measure of Success?”

It is said that a man is only as good as his past successes. If you do not keep up with changing times than you can become a failure quick. What about all the people that are judged based on what is expected of them instead. Take your favorite athlete. When they come out of … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings “Need VS. Want”

This is actually the first chapter of a book I put on the back burner quite some time ago. Every now and then i talk about it. I have mentioned “Opinion VS Thought”, “Conception VS Perception”, “Common Sense VS. Logic”……There are a couple of others.  It hit me while walking out of work today. I … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings “The Question”

Here it is: You have ultimately found “the one”. You know deep down they are the perfect match for you and you are determined to show them that you are the best person to win their heart. You make them promises, you do what ever it takes to show them they are always on your … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblin’s “Do You Know” my latest poem

Do You Know Do you know, how beautiful I think you are? Whether I am gazing into your eyes, or admiring from afar. Do you know, how much I want to do for you?From the emotional to the tangible make all your dreams come true. Do you know, I seek not the love of another?For … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings “Inspiration”

Inspiration can come from all kinds of places. I find most of mine in other art forms. I believe that this is mainly due to the fact that I can’t draw, paint, sing, and my dancing is, well better when I am half drunk and don’t care what others think. Hahaha. Sometimes, while listening to … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblin’s “My Vacation”

So, I was gone for a couple of weeks. I went to Colorado, Aurora to be exact. I went to visit my best girl Deborah. Her birthday was on the 28th I wanted to help her celebrate it. I was actually there for two weeks, it was the first time in a couple of years … Continue reading


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