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Boomer’s Ramblings “Slippery Slope” a continuation……

I know it is past tomorrow, sort of in this case. So sue me. I am here a day later or two than I said I would be. Sometimes I do need more time to collect my thoughts.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Bringing it back to the here and now. We do have rules in place. We have a social security system that is supposed to benefit those without means. Whether it is because they lost their job, or a loved one. It was also proposed for the elderly as a retirement fund. People paid into the fund as they worked and hopefully it provided for them when they were no longer employed.

There is also a food stamp program that is meant to help people with little or no income to buy food and certain other necessities.

I agree to the idea of these programs to an extent. Please let me explain. The social security system was tapped into years back. I give you the following I found when I Googled  “The Looting of Social Security”

The government has for decades, been taking the money intended to pay Social Security benefits and spending it as general revenue. The Social Security trust fund is filled with Government IOUs, and those people who insists Social Security is solvent are operating in the faith that T-bills are always good, because the taxpayer can always be forced to redeem them.

But there is a problem. There are so many T-bills in the Social Security fund that when the baby-boomers start applying for benefits, the sudden surge of T-bills being presented for payment would collapse the Federal System, because there are not enough young taxpayers to carry the extra load.

Regardless of the mechanism, the bottom line is that the government looted the retirement funds of Americans, and that means one of two things has to happen (and maybe even both). Either Americans will be taxed twice for the same benefits, or the benefits will be cut.

So the government has screwed us on that one. I also have a problem with the food stamp program. I know there are people getting food stamps that don’t deserve what they are getting. Food stamps are a part of welfare and in my mind welfare is for people that have earned it. Either despite many years of hard they were downsized. Maybe they lost their job due to some type of (God forbid) accident that prevents them from working, or maybe they have some kind of mental instability.

If you are going to receive food stamps, they need to go to things you and your children really need. Just like tobacco and alcohol no sugar filled products like Hostess, Reese’s so forth.   (sorry).

You are probably wondering how this relates to the first post in this series. I am going to tell you. No matter what side of the immigration issue you are on, the one thing we all must agree on. If you do not earn the afore-mentioned subsidies you do not get them. This goes especially for people that quit their jobs. I have seen people that give up for petty reasons and they receive food stamps. People that labored for years getting less in social security than others that just show up into the country receive in welfare benefits.

Yes I feel for those that want to come here to find a better life. Yes I agree they should get some sort of help. It doesn’t have to be free money. Give them help with the paper work. If the red tape is too much to wade through then find a better system that works. We the people need to do what we can to fix the system that is broken.  We the people need to figure out what we can do to get things back the way they are supposed to be. By the way my thoughts on ‘if you don’t earn it you don’t get it’  goes for all. Whether your family has been here for 5 months or 500 years.

SUMMARY: no free rides unless you have earned it somehow. However we should not blame those that receive it. The problem lies with the lack of diligence on the part of the government.

Disclaimer: I know this sounds a little harsh. We need to stop giving out to those that just want free rides. We need to get back to the days of earning our way through and get our pride back.

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