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Boomer’s Amuses “Second Wednesday”

Today was my second Wednesday. For those of you that don’t understand this concept. I do not work the average 9-5 Monday – Friday type of job. I actually do not really think this is the norm anymore. Yet……….just in case there are those of you that don’t get it. My days off are not steady. … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings “disappointing words”

As I get into this let me start off by saying this is not going to be as deep as it could be. Sure I could talk about the time(s) as a child when your parents had to tell you, NO, because they couldn’t afford something. Or the time when at the age of (?) … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings “Trust”

For the very same reason it may be hard to earn, it can also be hard to give. Especially if there have been events in ones life that has/have left scars on ones emotions. The more trust a person shows, the more they expect. Once it is broken, the levels can drop. It may become … Continue reading

Boomer’s Thoughts “Writers’s Block”

I had originally titled this “Breakin’ the Block”. I have to admit that I actually wrote this while on vacation in Colorado. I was looking through some of my notes and saw it sitting there. Immediately I knew I had to get it in here. The first thing I did was to come in to … Continue reading

Boomer’s Show Ramblinman at blog talk radio

I am going on the air in approximately 15 minutes. I will talk about stuff I have posted in here. I am willing to talk about any and all issues that effect the public. Whether they be political or personal I fear nothing. So any and all are welcome to call in and tell me … Continue reading

Boomer’s Rambling “I Don’t Get It”

I don’t get it. I am near-sighted so I need help seeing things after a certain distance. If I were far-sighted I would have trouble seeing things close up? anyway………… I love sports, used to play when I was a kid. Some organized and a lot of sandlot style. In organized baseball, we played where … Continue reading

Boomer’s Speculations

I haven’t come in here lately as often as I feel I should. I do not like to come in here if I really do not have anything to write about. Nothing I think is significant or witty. A lot of the thoughts I have, (I stated before) come to me at work. Recently I … Continue reading

Boomer’s Muses (my writings)

Every time I try to come up with something to say. I either over think it and actually get too profound. OR I over simplify it and it is just plain goofy. So what I have decided to do to stay connected in here is post some of my favorite poems and/or chapters of my latest writings. … Continue reading


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