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I haven’t come in here lately as often as I feel I should. I do not like to come in here if I really do not have anything to write about. Nothing I think is significant or witty.

A lot of the thoughts I have, (I stated before) come to me at work. Recently I have been smart enough to stop what I was doing and write some things down. This is a collection of the stuff I think when I am at work:

Faith vs. Respect: A trust issue: I feel both need to be earned, yet are they the same thing. I actually know they are not  the same. I also know that if I ask the question the right way I will get some response. Which in the long run is really what I am looking for. My view is this…… As they are not the same thing they pretty much go hand in hand. If I have respect for a person, I will have faith in them to do the right thing. I also feel it is hard to have faith in someone you do not respect. Actually, it is impossible.

Are they both related to ones ego? An egotistical person wants you to respect them whether they have earned it or not. How do you have faith in that type of person? I can see how some of you may equate this to a political statement. However, it is not. I am talking about the average Joe. I cannot have faith in someone I do not respect, and I cannot respect someone I have no faith in. This is where they both are related to trust. If have no respect or faith in you, obviously I do not trust you.

Stress: This is another issue I have a hard time dealing with. Do you realize that most stress is self-imposed. It is usually due to pressure we put on ourselves to get the job done. In all honesty, it kind of makes me laugh (to myself of course). Most if the time I view this, I am at work. As I have stated before I have a very easy job. So when I see people stress about getting things done it just kills me. I would have to say that approximately 95% of the time the pressure people put on themselves to please the boss is undue. I have had all kinds of bosses. I have worked for and around all kinds of people. From what I have seen most supervisors are good at reading their people. They pretty much know what they can expect out of them. A good boss never piles more work on to someone they do not think they should be able to handle. Some of the time, when I see that a worker not able to handle the load, it is their own lack of confidence in themselves that is holding them back. Other times it is simply their own (warning harsh word coming) laziness. The former of which leads to my next and last speculation.

Insecurities: It is pretty much apparent to me that most insecurities people have are due to their own lack of faith in themselves. I do realize that some of these may stem from a lack of support from parental figures. They find it hard to have trust in themselves because no one else has shown them enough respect to do so. Maybe they never really earned it. It can be a double edged sword here. Most everybody deserves some sort of respect, yet, it is hard to respect those that do not go out and earn it.

What about the children of the world? When we become parents we want to have faith in the fact that our children will grow up to be some one that is well respected in the community.We try to encourage them to go to college and get a career instead of just a job. When they don’t go the direction we would like we start to question ourselves. Where did we go wrong? Did we push too hard? As parents it is hard to face the fact that we can only instill so much passion and drive into our children. They have to want it. Here is the hardest questions I will ask today…Do we lose faith in our child(ren)? Do we lose faith in ourselves? Do we lose our respect and trust in our children? Or…do they just feel like we have and that is where the insecurities come from?

Something to ponder.

Disclaimer: just for the record, in know way do I pretend to be a psychiatrist. nor do i play one on the radio. these are simply due to my everyday observations.

The preceding message will be discussed on my show at blogtalkradio/Ramblinman this week the show will air at 9:30 a.m. (pst) Wednesday. If you would like to call in and give your opinion in this or any other topic you are more than welcome. the number is (323) 443-7258 would love to hear from you.

About Bigboomer

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for visiting my blogsite. I am going to tell you a little about me. My name is Ray, I started writing back in high school. Every once in a while I would come up with a few ideas and would write them down. Most of which became poems others became short stories. Some of my inspirations are of the heart, some of them come from the thoughts of the day. You will see, as you browse threw my site my poetry is about as diverse as you can get. I hope that as you read them some will have you thinking of love, while others will make you feel sorrow. I would like some of them to set you off to an adventure. Finally, I have some poems that may make you hungry. I do have some inspirations that just plane turn into ramblings or rants as, if you read in here, you will see. I have managed to get two books published so far, the first one is titled Pathways, it may be found at xlibris.com/RayBohdan.html. there you can view a couple of excerpts form the book. The second book is Mingling Hues of My Mind it is at publish America A little bit more about me. I am fifty-one years old I have three children, Rainney, Elisa, and Anthony and two well, actually, three grandchildren Raeanne Marie, Graycee, and Amaya. I guess I could go on, but then I am afraid this will come out sounding like a dating profile. Part of my site will be dedicated to my poetry, I plan to break it down into different sections and organize it by type/style. Another section of this site will be dedicated to my blog it will be about my rants/thoughts of the day. These will vary from political, to personal, to comical. I will talk about most anything and everything that I feel may be of interest to someone. I also will devote a section to some of my favorite recipes with hints on how to capture his/her heart by winning their stomach. My favorite foods are Italian and Mexican, but this section will not be limited to those two types. I do believe however, that the most important part of my site will be the dedication pages. These will be to memorialize special loved ones and friends, as well as thank those that have made purchases of my afore-mentioned book. This is exactly what you think it is. A way for me to sell my self as a writer. Publicly get my words and thoughts out into the world. Please believe me when I say that this in no way demeans or diminishes my passions for the people and the love of which I have written, and will continue to write. I trust that once you read my poems you will feel the love i have felt, the pains I have been through, and the joys of life itself. Once again I thank you for stopping by please enjoy.


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