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Boomer’s Ramblings “The Whisper?”

I have a question, as I wish to put it out there I feel a need to express that I am not crazy. I am just wondering about things. You may call me crazy for asking this question if you wish. The voices in my head say we don’t have to listen to you. I … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings “Change: Do You Embrace It or fear It?”

I have been thinking about this one all night. On the aspect of change, I believe that most people fear it. Take my own personal life. I have been spending the last three years wooing a woman that lives two  states away. I have personal financial issues that I want to clear up before I … Continue reading

Boomer’s muses: My Latest “I Don’t Want”

I Don’t Want I don’t want to be one of the many lonely souls that feels that love has passed him by. I don’t want to be a man who’s eyes reflect that life has dragged on wondering why. I don’t want to wonder if I should throw away pictures I have stashed in a … Continue reading

boomer’s radio show

what does everyone think of the election results? Are you disappointed, elated, did you vote for Romney simply because you don’t like Obama? (not really good by-the-way) was it the lesser of two evils? I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts. My show on blogtalkradio starts in just under an hour. I will … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings “The Lesser of Two Evils”

I have always stated in the past that elections are nothing more than the people deciding between what they believe to be the lesser of two evils. In this case I do think it is all on how you look at it. The rich white folks that make up 1% of this country (USA) are … Continue reading

Boomer’s Observations “Taking A Walk”

I decided it was time to get it together a little more. Put more emphasis on getting into better shape. I am really tired of the yo-yo effect. Instead of kicking myself for not getting things done the way I should. I could be rewarding myself. The occasional pat on the back so to speak. Be prouder … Continue reading


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