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Boomer’s Ramblings “Change: Do You Embrace It or fear It?”

I have been thinking about this one all night. On the aspect of change, I believe that most people fear it. Take my own personal life. I have been spending the last three years wooing a woman that lives two  states away. I have personal financial issues that I want to clear up before I move myself and what little belongings I have. I think though, deep down, as much as I embrace the change of being with some one I can love. I fear the idea of possibly failing and ending up alone in a place I am not familiar with.

Moving on to other types of changes.

Let us take the recent election for example. There are about as many people not happy with the results as that are. I feel that most people that voted for Romney wanted change. They embraced the idea. Not so much because they thought Romney was a great guy. More so because they were not happy with Obama. On the other hand I feel that a lot of the people that voted the other way,either, A. felt Romney would have been worse.(I am in this category), B. Fear the idea of change. I do believe that this election, as with all elections the past  two decades or so. Was all about picking the lesser of two evils.

Now that things have been decided and many are unhappy with the results.There is all kinds of chatter out there about what people want to do about it. Some of them want to move to either Australia, or Canada. I did see posts that tell about some of the laws and restrictions in those countries. Some of them are the very reason our ancestors wanted to escape to this country. Still others have decided it was a good idea to start a petition of secession from the United States. Where I think this is a ploy to let the government know we are unhappy. It is a very bad idea. I do not believe that the people have thought this one through and the changes that would come with seceding. These people are embracing change, because they fear that things will not change for the better any time soon. I fear that they way they are embracing change may reek havoc on America.

I want to wake up the government. I want change. I want to do what they did in Iceland. I know they are a smaller country with a smaller governing body. I do feel that per-capita we are the same and can achieve the same, if things do not get better for us. I also believe that there are lot of changes that need to be made in different government run agencies. For instance the welfare system is broken and nobody seems to want to fix it. When people can make more on welfare than they can on the job something is wrong. When Senators borrow form the social security system and do not pay it back something is wrong.  If I think about it long enough I can probably come up with at least a dozen problems that need fixing. I am a firm believer in taking it one at a time. Kind of like a broken down vehicle.

I do want to touch on the other side of the coin. As I have talked about those that want to embrace it. Lets talk about those that fear change. I do feel that most people that are sitting there agreeing with the changes yet do nothing about them are essentially afraid of changing. I believe people fear change for a multitude of reasons. Most of which stem to their attitudes that it is some one else’s job. Maybe they feel it can’t be done. In this case I hate the word can’t. I feel they feel that way because they fear it. 

I am going to conclude this blog for today with the following thought: Those that want to embrace change, when change is needed, must cuddle up with those that fear it. It is our job to show each other the light.



About Bigboomer

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for visiting my blogsite. I am going to tell you a little about me. My name is Ray, I started writing back in high school. Every once in a while I would come up with a few ideas and would write them down. Most of which became poems others became short stories. Some of my inspirations are of the heart, some of them come from the thoughts of the day. You will see, as you browse threw my site my poetry is about as diverse as you can get. I hope that as you read them some will have you thinking of love, while others will make you feel sorrow. I would like some of them to set you off to an adventure. Finally, I have some poems that may make you hungry. I do have some inspirations that just plane turn into ramblings or rants as, if you read in here, you will see. I have managed to get two books published so far, the first one is titled Pathways, it may be found at xlibris.com/RayBohdan.html. there you can view a couple of excerpts form the book. The second book is Mingling Hues of My Mind it is at publish America A little bit more about me. I am fifty-one years old I have three children, Rainney, Elisa, and Anthony and two well, actually, three grandchildren Raeanne Marie, Graycee, and Amaya. I guess I could go on, but then I am afraid this will come out sounding like a dating profile. Part of my site will be dedicated to my poetry, I plan to break it down into different sections and organize it by type/style. Another section of this site will be dedicated to my blog it will be about my rants/thoughts of the day. These will vary from political, to personal, to comical. I will talk about most anything and everything that I feel may be of interest to someone. I also will devote a section to some of my favorite recipes with hints on how to capture his/her heart by winning their stomach. My favorite foods are Italian and Mexican, but this section will not be limited to those two types. I do believe however, that the most important part of my site will be the dedication pages. These will be to memorialize special loved ones and friends, as well as thank those that have made purchases of my afore-mentioned book. This is exactly what you think it is. A way for me to sell my self as a writer. Publicly get my words and thoughts out into the world. Please believe me when I say that this in no way demeans or diminishes my passions for the people and the love of which I have written, and will continue to write. I trust that once you read my poems you will feel the love i have felt, the pains I have been through, and the joys of life itself. Once again I thank you for stopping by please enjoy.


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