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“My Addictions”

As I have been thinking about this particular subject for quite some time. I guess it is only fair to post my first addiction is to procrastination. It is the ugliest of them all. It is more like a monkey on my back than any thing else. For it is one I must fight everyday. … Continue reading

“Traditionalism VS. Radicalism”

Alright I know that thinking outside the box isn’t necesssrily radicslism. I do know that there are those who may disagree. For the record I am not talking about anything radical. At least not from my point of view. I am talking about things such ad the use of sour cream instead of milk in … Continue reading

“Question of the time”

For the record I call this the question of the time because it takes pressure off me to come up with a different question every day, week, etc…… Revenge: what is it about revenge that makes it seem so¬†enticing? Is it the idea that someone screwed you, so you are going to screw them back? … Continue reading

“Roller Coaster of Emotions”

First of all I want to re-state, or re-iterate for the record that I am not a psychologist. Nor have I ever taken any psychology courses. This is all based on experience. I know it is difficult to except the idea that you can be on cloud nine one day. Then feeling like you are … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings “The Thin Line: Reason VS Excuse Cont’….”

In the last post on this subject, which was my last post, I asked that ever loved question. Is there a difference and if so what is it? I even put a little context in there to explain my position somewhat. Here is a little more. Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday, obviously. I was invited to … Continue reading


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