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“Am i Wrong?”

I know I am not the best judge of character all the time. I would love to give people the benefit of the doubt. Lately here most of these people are tossing my confidence over a proverbial cliff. I have no idea what is wrong with everyone these days, and maybe it is just me. … Continue reading

“Seriously The Wrong Cup-o-Joe”

There was another school shooting the other day. This one was close to home on at least a couple different levels. Level one, it was here in Sparks Nevada where I live. Level two, two of my co-workers have children that go to that school and another has a granddaughter that goes there.  I do … Continue reading

“Loosening Up the Thoughts?”

Question, am I going to rant about reason and all the psychological advantages behind it? Or maybe is it going to be about the reason(s) we do what we do? Or am I going to be reasonably reasonable about reasons of another kind? I don’t really know. So I am ranting just to try to loosen … Continue reading

Ramblin’ man radio show

I didn’t take the time to set up my radio show, blogtalkradio/ramblinman, for today. I am set up for tomorrow at 9:30am PST. The topics I would like to discuss are the folowing: For the first fifteen minutes I want to rant about the shut down. Must be the lamest thing our government has done … Continue reading


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