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“Am i Wrong?”

I know I am not the best judge of character all the time. I would love to give people the benefit of the doubt. Lately here most of these people are tossing my confidence over a proverbial cliff. I have no idea what is wrong with everyone these days, and maybe it is just me. When I was young I was taught to appreciate everything I was given. Nothing was to be expected, give thanks for all you got. I do not see that nowadays. All I see now is, gimme more, gimme more, gimme more. When someone gave me something out of the kindness of their heart I did then and do now appreciate it. When I give things to people Most of them just seem to want more. Where is the appreciation for something you didn’t expect? What happened to thank-you?

Maybe I should explain a little here. You see I volunteer to run the snack bar for the local Pop Warner league. One of the things I do is take buckets of licorice and/or gummie worms and bag them into sell-able size packages. and many times I end up with a few extra. If there is a child hanging around chatting me up because he/she is bored, or cold, or whatever….I will give them the extras. What the heck. The problem then arises when instead of appreciating the gift they ask what else they can have for free.

Then that leads me to the people I work with. Well…some of them anyway. They too like to see how much they can get out of me, and a few others just so they can have an easier day. And in some cases take all the credit. It just chaps my hide (trying to keep it G rated here)when I do more work in one day than some do in two. Yet they have no problem acting like they are over worked. I do not mind helping others out with their work load. When they come to expect it I get a little miffed.

I must go back to my last blog and wonder if it is just a home environment that is not filled with any discipline. I don’t know I hate to think I have to resort to not being me and shut up my true self. I like giving even little things that make people smile. But if they are going to take advantage of my kindness I can shut it off.

going to make this part of my talk tomorrow on the radio show blogtalkradio/ramblinman. you are more than welcome to join me in the chat. To do so you can call me at (646)378-1042. I will be on air stating at 9:30am PST. Thursday 10/24.


About Bigboomer

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for visiting my blogsite. I am going to tell you a little about me. My name is Ray, I started writing back in high school. Every once in a while I would come up with a few ideas and would write them down. Most of which became poems others became short stories. Some of my inspirations are of the heart, some of them come from the thoughts of the day. You will see, as you browse threw my site my poetry is about as diverse as you can get. I hope that as you read them some will have you thinking of love, while others will make you feel sorrow. I would like some of them to set you off to an adventure. Finally, I have some poems that may make you hungry. I do have some inspirations that just plane turn into ramblings or rants as, if you read in here, you will see. I have managed to get two books published so far, the first one is titled Pathways, it may be found at xlibris.com/RayBohdan.html. there you can view a couple of excerpts form the book. The second book is Mingling Hues of My Mind it is at publish America A little bit more about me. I am fifty-one years old I have three children, Rainney, Elisa, and Anthony and two well, actually, three grandchildren Raeanne Marie, Graycee, and Amaya. I guess I could go on, but then I am afraid this will come out sounding like a dating profile. Part of my site will be dedicated to my poetry, I plan to break it down into different sections and organize it by type/style. Another section of this site will be dedicated to my blog it will be about my rants/thoughts of the day. These will vary from political, to personal, to comical. I will talk about most anything and everything that I feel may be of interest to someone. I also will devote a section to some of my favorite recipes with hints on how to capture his/her heart by winning their stomach. My favorite foods are Italian and Mexican, but this section will not be limited to those two types. I do believe however, that the most important part of my site will be the dedication pages. These will be to memorialize special loved ones and friends, as well as thank those that have made purchases of my afore-mentioned book. This is exactly what you think it is. A way for me to sell my self as a writer. Publicly get my words and thoughts out into the world. Please believe me when I say that this in no way demeans or diminishes my passions for the people and the love of which I have written, and will continue to write. I trust that once you read my poems you will feel the love i have felt, the pains I have been through, and the joys of life itself. Once again I thank you for stopping by please enjoy.


One thought on ““Am i Wrong?”

  1. It is not ok for people to take advantage of you that way. You may be right about limiting what you do for a while. I am sure there are plenty of things you would like to do with that time, and plenty of other people you could help who would actually appreciate it.

    Posted by vicbriggs | 10/24/2013, 3:25 pm

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