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“Seriously The Wrong Cup-o-Joe”

There was another school shooting the other day. This one was close to home on at least a couple different levels. Level one, it was here in Sparks Nevada where I live. Level two, two of my co-workers have children that go to that school and another has a granddaughter that goes there. 

I do have to say that it begs so many questions. I believe the most important one to me is: How does a child the age of twelve have so many issues that he believes his only way out is to kill someone? I’m guessing the first place to start is the home. Did he have no one he could talk to about what may or may not have been going on at school or in life that he felt too alone? Do they think they were good parents and really have no clue as to what went wrong? A question on lots of minds, if they were such good parents how could they not see something wrong? Maybe they were just following the rest of societies main stream standards, and talking to the people that know them might not turn up any reason to believe they did such a bad job.

What about the weapon? As of now it is only speculation that the gun was obtained from home. If it was do we still hold the parents accountable? I have to say yes definitely. What kind of punishment would you dole out. Their son is dead he took his own life after fatally shooting a teacher, critically wounding one child and shooting another in the shoulder. If they suffer the loss, and their own torment of how things went south so quickly, then what more chastisement does the world believe they need? I guess what I am asking here would more punishment fit the crime. 

Bad parenting is considered a moral issue, yet no crime is affected. But is irresponsibility, if it is determined to be so, reason enough to change society’s mind on how to deal with the morality, in this case immorality, of home life. If so how far do we go? 

Fine lines would definitely be crossed and debates will go on for years over what is right is what is wrong. I worked two jobs most of the time my kids were growing up. I regret no being there for many things, although I was there as often as possible. I didn’t have any trouble sacrificing sleep time to watch my kids play ball. They were into softball, basketball, and soccer. I was also available for talks when their grades were slipping or just the opposite. My point here, is that no matter how busy I felt I was, or no matter how much sleep I felt I may lose, I tried to put them first. I do wonder in a society of Me Me Me, how much this is happening anymore. Our kids needs should always be put ahead of our own agenda!!

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  1. real quick this will be tomorrows radio show topic. You can find me on blogtalkradio/ramblinman. If you would like to call in and talk about this subject, or any other thing on your mind. You can call me (646)378-1042. I wil be on air at 9:30 am PST. I hope to hear form you.

    Posted by Bigboomer | 10/23/2013, 12:15 pm

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