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I Don’t Want to Hear it.

This is actually about the fear of rejection. Especially in long distance relationships. I am in one myself, have been for some time. It is my belief, and this is from both sides. We are always fearful of the possibility that sometime during our relationship, whether it is an actual bf/gf, or just good friends. … Continue reading

My Take on Things

As I see it, most of us never want to admit we screwed up. Especially when it comes to relationships. We always want to be able to point the finger at the other person. In our minds, it was their fault things didn’t work out. On some occasions we would be correct. However, not in … Continue reading

Do as I say

I seem to remember a time when we were taught to be civil with each other. I especially remember the rule “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.” Well, it occurs to me that you can’t teach a rule if you are not going to follow it yourself.

Book or novel

I have stated many times that I have the beginning of three to four books in my document archives. My question of the day is, is it a book or a novel are they the same? Does it remain a book until I finish it? Does it make novel status once it is published? Or … Continue reading

“Sum it up in a Word” Pt. 2

Tonight’s word is ACTIVE. Something I need to be more of. You may want to refer to the blog about procrastination. My biggest downfall. One of the things I think I fear (may be a harsher word than necessary) is the inability of my fingers to keep up with my mind. The thoughts come quicker … Continue reading

“Sum it up in One Word”

Today’s word, oh sorry tonight’s word is “survivor”. I am a survivor not just in the since that I am able to persevere, I am a cancer survivor. This particular word can mean so many things to so many different people. I have survived what many to believe to be and probably is the most … Continue reading

“My Procrastination”

The title alone is the very reason I am not in here as much as I should be. It is however, not the reason I finally got off my duff and went to the gym. Why I don’t go as often as I should, I have no idea. I actually like it there. I get … Continue reading

A little about me

So here I sit getting ready for work. I’ll have my obligatory cup-o-joe and some sort of breakfast type food. Some days I actually try to stick to the good boy regimen and eat something fiberistic. Like that word? Anyway, I usually just slug down some sort of cold cereal just to put food in … Continue reading

“Pursuits…Perfection for Starters”

Hello yes I am back and as it did take me awhile to get back from my last post due¬†to the perfect way I really wanted to present my post. Please read on and tell me how I did. PERFECTION…The pursuit of it and why we strive for it. It is in my opinion that … Continue reading

“Another Rant Against Corporate America” and it’s workers

When I can’t figure a title for my thoughts I just call it a rant. Because basically that is exactly what I am doing. This particular rant is about corporate structure and what the F… uh…. heck are they thinking. I get to work at six in the morning most everyday. There are pallets of … Continue reading


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