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“Another Rant w/ some Poetry Attached”

As I have said before, there are so many thoughts running through my head that they get a little jumbled. I really do need to start carrying around a pen and a notepad to write things down. I have stated before that while at work it is not always easy to find time to do … Continue reading

“Welcome to my New Year’s Revolution”

That’s right I said revolution, it is definitely not a typo. Resolutions are for those that never intend to keep their promises. Promises made to themselves basically. If you must lie, lie to your congressman, lie to the policeman that just pulled you over. Never lie to the people that mean the most to you, … Continue reading

“Necessary Tears”

There are tears of laughter, and there are tears of pain. They can flow like the river, or they can fall like the rain. There are tears that we hide, and there are tears that we show. You learn when to hold back you know when to let it go. There will be times when … Continue reading

The Thin Line “Ignorant VS Oblivious”

Mind you, this is coming from time spent with certain roommates. The ones that drink them selves into a stupor and then ramble off at the mouth with no fore-thought. Opening the mouth before engaging the brain. OR…Open mouth and insert foot. Most of the time it is followed by a quick turn around with … Continue reading

“Am i Wrong?”

I know I am not the best judge of character all the time. I would love to give people the benefit of the doubt. Lately here most of these people are tossing my confidence over a proverbial cliff. I have no idea what is wrong with everyone these days, and maybe it is just me. … Continue reading

“Seriously The Wrong Cup-o-Joe”

There was another school shooting the other day. This one was close to home on at least a couple different levels. Level one, it was here in Sparks Nevada where I live. Level two, two of my co-workers have children that go to that school and another has a granddaughter that goes there.  I do … Continue reading

“Loosening Up the Thoughts?”

Question, am I going to rant about reason and all the psychological advantages behind it? Or maybe is it going to be about the reason(s) we do what we do? Or am I going to be reasonably reasonable about reasons of another kind? I don’t really know. So I am ranting just to try to loosen … Continue reading

Ramblin’ man radio show

I didn’t take the time to set up my radio show, blogtalkradio/ramblinman, for today. I am set up for tomorrow at 9:30am PST. The topics I would like to discuss are the folowing: For the first fifteen minutes I want to rant about the shut down. Must be the lamest thing our government has done … Continue reading

“The Cosmic Serpent”

There are a number of people that will go on telling you/me/anyone and everyone that will listen. That with each new dawn, new day, starts a new beginning. They like to think and definitely say, that each day brings new hope for the future. It is the time to let the past be the past … Continue reading


 I know there are times when you may feel that life just isn’t going your way. This is when your mettle really gets tested. Whether it is being tested by God, or some other entity, is not for me to say. Maybe it is your own guilt and dissatisfaction that builds your load. It may … Continue reading


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