Grow Sunbeam™ LED Plant Growth Lamp

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FOUR HEAD & WIDER COVERAGE - The four-headed LED indoor plant grow light provides 360-degree coverage, in contrast to the traditional three-headed light.

ENHANCED GOOSENECK AND CLIP - Suitable for indoor plants, seedlings, potted plants, leaf cuttings, succulents, greenhouse vegetables, and more. The necks adapt to various angles and heights so you can increase the height or distance as the plants grow.


AUTO ON/OFF TIMER - You can set it to turn on/off automatically based on these cycles: 3, 6, or 12 hours. For example, if you set a 12 hours timer at 9:00 am, the grow light will turn off after 12 hours and come back on the following morning.


4 SWITCH MODES & 6 DIMMABLE LEVELS - LED grow lights come with 4 switch modes and 6 dimming levels, so you can set the plant light according to the plant's needs.