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“Sum it up in One Word”

Today’s word, oh sorry tonight’s word is “survivor”. I am a survivor not just in the since that I am able to persevere, I am a cancer survivor. This particular word can mean so many things to so many different people. I have survived what many to believe to be and probably is the most … Continue reading

“Egotism VS Self-respect” Thin Line Series

Here we go, in reference to the last post I made about turning my non-fiction book “The Thin Line” into a fiction series. I have come up with another in the long line of titles that I hope will produce even an iota of the respect that I have for some of the great ones … Continue reading

Boomer’s Ramblings “Decisions, Decisions”

During the course of your lifetime you are going to make thousands of decisions. From the something as simple as what shoes to wear. To the more complex┬ádilemmas, such as college or work. Do I get married or stay single. etc…… Some of these choices will require a little help and some will not. Some … Continue reading