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Book or novel

I have stated many times that I have the beginning of three to four books in my document archives. My question of the day is, is it a book or a novel are they the same? Does it remain a book until I finish it? Does it make novel status once it is published? Or … Continue reading

“Thoughts on Writings”

I have stated before that I am working on a few projects. Most of which are on the back burner. My main problem now isn’t block so much as it is too many thoughts. I would guess you could say it (my main problem) is organization. Getting my thoughts organized and into type. My second … Continue reading

“The Final Frontier”

      The final frontier are words that for most, make them/us think of space. Question: does that space have to be the outer limits of the universe? Maybe that space is the inner reachings of our thoughts. Maybe the final frontier is in side each and every one of us. Especially those of us that … Continue reading